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Dedicated - to Enriching Children's Lives









Children are learning every minute of the day.  Experiences, whether at home or at school, become their education.  We provide activities which are natural to children but will, at the same time, encourage their growth and development.  Good schools don't just happen.  They take careful planning, skill, and knowledge.  Early education experiences leave long lasting impressions.  They set the "stage" for a child's attitude toward school and learning.


Our Child Development programs operate 248 days per year. We are open Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM with the exception of Barrio Logan, 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
Click here to learn more about our daily schedule.

Programs have been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  The Accreditation process identifies high quality child care centers and preschool programs.  By being Accredited, CDA’s program assures parents and the community that children are receiving the high


CDA’s Full Day Preschool est quality preschool experience.  Click here to learn more about accreditation.


Weekly Curriculum Building

Weekly Curriculum Building is the process teachers use to develop the lesson plans.  Several questions must be answered that will give further insight into the type of activities that should be provided, whether to continue exploration of a topic or move on, and special considerations for individual children.  Click here to learn more about our curriculum.


Safety and Health Standards

Your child's health and safety is our first priority.  CDA meets all licensing requirements and Title 5 regulations.  Click here to learn more about our health and safety standards.


The Whole Child Concept

Our centers provide each child with personal growth opportunities, a rich and secure learning environment and a chance to develop a variety of warm and meaningful human relationships.  We offer a planned program of educational development and creative activities employing the whole child . . . physical, emotional, intellectual and social.  The main objectives at our centers are to establish self-esteem, initiative, individuality, creativity, Independence, competence and joy.  Click here to learn more about each of these objectives.







                             CDA                                          PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS

Quality Accreditation by 

the National Association

for the Education of Young Children

Not required

3 of CDA's centers are accredited and meet NAEYC standards for high-quality early childhood education programs

Teacher Qualifications

Completion of 6 course units and be currently enrolled in an early childhood education program

All Lead Teachers have a degree in Early

Childhood Education

California Department of

Education Child

Development Teacher


Not required

All staff have current permits and must     meet annual professional development requirements

Child-to-Teacher Ratio

12-to-1 ratio

Allowable 24-to-1 at naptime

8-to-1 ratio maintained at all times

Development and Learning     Assessment

Not required

O ngoing assessments, with curriculum

development connected to each child’s

interests and learning style

Parent Conferences

Not required

Semi-annual parent/teacher conferences

Early Education Specialist

on Staff

Not Required

Early Education Specialist provides resources and guidance to parents and staff

CPR and First Aid


One staff member per shift

All staff are certified

Fire Drills

Quarterly drills

Monthly drills

Child Care Food

Program Participation

Not required

As program participants, nutritious meals and snacks are included for all children

Parent Education Opportunities

Not required

Monthly trainings and activities for parents

Parental Forum

Not required

Parent Advisory Committee