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Dedicated - to Enriching Children's Lives

 Preschool Program - Whole Child Concept

The Whole Child Concept
Our centers provide each child with personal growth opportunities, a rich and secure learning environment and a chance to develop a variety of warm and meaningful human relationships. We offer a planned program of educational development and creative activities employing the whole child . . . physical, emotional, intellectual and social.
One of the main objectives of our centers is to help each child learn to feel good about his/herself (self-esteem). We will help each child to better understand their feelings and behavior, to realistically view their abilities, to control certain aspects of his/her environment, to be supportive when friends need support, and to gain meaning and enjoyment in life through relationships with persons from all backgrounds. This is a place to learn about oneself, about others, and about the world. The highest priority in this leaning is what the child learns about themselves.
Initiative and self-motivation are more attainable when the curriculum is determined by the child and her interests. ToddlerOur staff will be responsible for expanding the curriculum by asking pertinent questions, supplying materials, information, and guidance. Many children depend too much on suggestions from adults on "what to do." One of our main goals is to develop self-initiated learning, so crucial in the lifelong process of education. This is promoted when the child is allowed to explore within the enriched environment of the center. When a child is allowed to function at her own pace, many of the negative responses in the school decrease. Without interruptions, the child's ability for prolonged concentration is reinforced and completion of tasks valued.
Individuality and Creativity
It is our goal that children maintain as much spontaneity in language, art and movement (all means of communication) as possible. Each individual child is respected for their unique abilities and talents.
Independence and Competence   
Independence is highly valued. Each child will be expected to do everything for him/herself that they have the ability to do. . . pour juice, serve food, bathrooming and help with clean up in the rooms and in the play yard. Through such experiences, each child comes to view him/herself as a competent person in the world in which they live.
We want each child to enjoy his/her time at school and to feel that school is a good place to be while his/her parents pursue their own interests and endeavors. We are concerned with helping parents with the sometimes difficult job of parenthood, and are available to discuss ways that together we can help your child develop to his or her fullest potential.