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Welcome to the CDA Nutrition Resources Library.

You can find and download forms designed to help you stay up to date on the most current CACFP guidance so that you are always operating within regulation. We post Nutrition Program Updates, CACFP Newsletters, and other important documents for you to view and download each month. If you are looking for a specific form that you do not see on the website, please contact the Nutrition Office.
Documents are sorted by type for easy reference. Not all forms are available in Spanish, but we welcome your call and will provide assistance to you in Spanish to help you complete any necessary forms.
July 2017 - Great News from USDA: Providers will be able to continue being reimbursed for graham crackers and animal crackers after October 1, 2017! After much consideration, the USDA revised the new rule to exclude graham and animal crackers from the grain-based desserts category for the CACFP. All other previously determined grain-based dessert items (cookies, sweet pie crusts, doughnuts, cereal bars, breakfast bars, granola bars, sweet rolls, toaster pastries, cake, and brownies) are still on the list and will not be reimbursable.
2017 Meal Pattern Update Guides from USDA
(All changes effective October 1st, 2017)
 WIC Authorized Food List - (Cereal list on page 18 - 19)  
For more resource materials (available in English and Spanish) related to the New Meal Pattern, visit the USDA's CACFP Training website or the CCFP Roundtable's  Implementation Library today! 
Fluid Milk Substitution (Milk Alternate) Requirements and Procedures
Soymilk is currently the only type of fluid milk substitute that meets the federal requirements, but not all soymilk brands/flavors are reimbursable. Additionally, providers will not be reimbursed for any milk alternate offered without proper documentation on file in the Nutrition Office. This  Milk Alternate Guide  outlines the requirements and procedures necessary for reimbursement, and includes a list of soymilk brands CDA will reimburse for that meet the USDA requirements. 
 The following is a brief Q & A regarding questions that came up frequently during our live Annual Trainings: 
Child and Adult Care Food Program Summary of Proposed Changes

 Meal Pattern Changes-Infant     Older Children

Programa de Alimentación para Niños y Adultos Resumen de la Propuesta

 Revisión del Patrón Alimenticio- Infantes      Niños Grandes

  Processed Food List (English) (Spanish) -Revised 4/2017 

  2014 Updated Food/Number List (English) (Spanish)



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Edition #59 "Sugar Shock"

Edition #47 "SNAP-Ed Toolkit for Early Childhood"

Edition #46 "Proposed Changes to the Child and Adult Care Food Program"

Edition #45 "Vitamin D: An Essential Nutrient" 

Edition #44 "For the New Year, Invest in Good Health"

Edition #43 "Healthy Holiday Tips"

Edition #42 "Talking Turkey"
Edition #41 "Perfect Portions" 

Edition #40 "Breakfast - A "Must Have" Meal"

Edition #39 "YOGA"

Edition #38 "Connections Between Poverty, Hunger & Overweight"

Edition #37 "Plant Foods and Preschoolers"

Edition #36 "Provider Appreciation Day"

Edition #35 "Be Snack Wise"

Edition #34 "Inappropriate Uses of Food"

Edition #33 "Mindful Eating For Children"

Edition #32 "Eat Well Year Round"

Edition #31 "Making Peace With a Picky Eater"

Edition #30 "101 Tips for Increasing Physical Activity in Early Childhood"

Edition #29 "Build a Better Sandwich"

Edition #28 "The Benefits of Breakfast"

Edition #27 "Kids in the Kitchen"

Edition #26 "Get Hooked on Fish"

Edition #25 "The Scoop on Gluten"

Edition #24 "Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers in Child Care"

Edition #23 "5 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetable"

Edition #22 "5-2-1-0 Healthy Habits Every Day”

Edition #21 "Your Child Care Checklist"

Edition #20 "Refuel The Family"

Edition #19 "Enjoy Winter's Bounty"

Edition #18 "Food Allergies - When Food Becomes the Enemy"

Edition #17 "Solving the Milk Mystery"

Edition #16 "Make Half You Grains Whole"

Edition #15 "Helping Children To Eat Well: The 10 Biggest Mistakes"

Edition #14 "KICK THE CAN - Giving the Boot To Sugary Drinks"

Edition #13 "Physical Activity and School Readiness"

Edition #12 "Infant Nutrition-Raising a Healthy Eater"

Edition #11 "Let's Move! Child Care"

Edition #10 "Plan, Purchase & Prepare - Eating Well on a Budget"

Edition #09 "Family Style Dining"

Edition #08 "Is it Picky Eating or Something Else?"

Edition #07 "Sugar Shock"
Edition #06 "The Power of Plants"

Edition #05 "A Better Breakfast Can Boost Brainpower"

Edition #04 "Hands On Fun with Fruits and Veggies"
Edition #03 "Goodbye "Food Pyramid," Hello "My Plate""

"Edition #01 "Serving Foods to Groups of Children


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