Welcome to CDA’s Annual Online Training!

If you did not attend a group training during the last six months, you must complete this online training and quiz by July 31st, 2018. CDA is required by the Department of Education to declare any provider who has not completed the annual training Seriously Deficient.

Please don’t let it happen to you!

Each year the USDA requires CACFP Sponsors, like CDA, to provide an annual training for all participating providers. We will offer our Provider Annual Trainings live in group settings and also online for those providers who are unable to attend any of the scheduled group trainings.

The Annual Training provided here on our website is the same training we offer at our live sessions. We have included the dialog discussed at the live trainings to ensure that you receive all the required information you need to continue participating successfully on our Food Program. After you have read through the training, you will be able to complete the Annual Training Quiz.

The quiz is automatically graded in the computer. When you put in your name and provider number (the same one used in Minute Menu) and finish the quiz, a message is sent to CDA notifying us that you have completed it.

Once you have completed the training and the quiz, you must print, sign and date, then submit to our office the Provider Annual Training Form (click link below to print). Be sure to keep a copy of your signed Training Form for your records. We will send you a Training Certificate to acknowledge your successful completion of the training once we have received your signed form.

Please mail, e-mail or fax your signed and dated Annual Training Form to:


Debbie Zaragoza
Nutrition Program Manager
Child Development Associates Nutrition Program
180 Otay Lakes Rd. #300
Bonita, CA. 91902
FAX: 619-434-5110

Note: Adobe Reader is required to view the training material.


Section 1 - 2018 Annual Training


Please read the Annual Training Presentation thoroughly BEFORE completing the Quiz. Thank you!

Online Quiz

Annual Provider Training Form